I.D.E.A. Italian Decorating Equipment Alliance was born in April 2015 and is a network contract between two leading Italian companies in the manufacturing of printing machines for 3D objects. The purpose of the commercial alliance is to strengthen and boost the presence of made in Italy equipment on international markets. Among a number of traditional systems, I.D.E.A. offers a full choice of machines characterized by high and innovative technological content, which places the network at the market forefront.
Based in Reggio Emilia since its foundation in 1967, MOSS designs and manufactures printing machines for decoration of objects and containers having many sizes and shapes, as well as different materials such as plastic and aluminum. Started as a small handicraft company, MOSS is currently worldwide leader in manufacturing of screen and dry-offset printing machines. During the years MOSS extended its range of equipment to include hot foil printers, multipurpose machines for flexible tubes and pails, heat transfer machines for digital printing (DDS: Digital Decorating System) all featuring cutting edge technology and production quality. Thanks to their modular structure and a wide selection of accessories, MOSS machines have the possibility of being extremely flexible and versatile, to meet with a more and more hard to please market. After almost 50 years since its establishment, about 4500 printing machines have been sold worldwide, of which more than half still work with our Customers. An office staffed by dedicated and qualified personnel, able to express themselves fluently in several languages, is dedicated to providing a first technical support as well as organizing and managing all spare parts. Through an innovative management program, all operators have the updated situation of available spare parts for each model of machine, in order to ensure a fast and efficient customer support. In the recent years, a documentation and registration traceability system has been introduced, thus resulting in the achievement of the ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2010. A modernization of working methods has been carried out, in order to prevent and protect employees from possible accidents during their activities. An additional management system, including a collection of documents relating to occupational safety, allowed the company to obtain OHSAS 18001:2007 in 2011. These international standards (ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001) has now entered the production process, bringing benefits in terms of overall management of processes and a newfound awareness in working safely, in addition to improving customer final experience.
For over 60 years OMSO has been designing and manufacturing high-tech machinery to print on objects and containers having different shapes and sizes and of different material (plastic, aluminum and glass). The production is particularly directed towards 2 main types of machines : machines for offset and machines for silk screen printing. For both fields, the number of models available is able to satisfy all production needs. Founded in 1952 by the brothers Cesare and Emore Campioli, OMSO is now a global leader in the manufacturing of printing equipment for containers of differing shapes, dimensions and materials for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries . With the use of highly automated technologies OMSO is able to satisfy an increasing spectrum of deeply diversified decoration needs. From inception OMSO’s primary goal has been continuous improvement to direct print quality and graphics capabilities, using innovative technologies in the screen, dry offset and flexographic printing industry. The after sales service, responsive and efficient, is supported by specialized technicians for machine installation and staff training. The success and reliability of this formula are illustrated by the fact that the company can count among its customers the most important companies in the food, chemical and cosmetic industry, who regularly entrust the image of their products to the decorating machines. The company owns its proper plant, covering over 11000 square meters, and allocates its products in 85 countries on 5 continents. The Company has a branch in the US responsible for sales, and one in India dealing with production, that support the activities of the Reggio Emilia offices (management, research and development, marketing, production and sales). PERSONNEL The company has 130 employees spread over the technical, commercial, administrative and production areas. The company, constantly investing in technical development and in research and training, has created a team with great experience able to understand the needs of the moment, to adapt with versatility and respond effectively to an increasingly demanding market in the field of quality.