Network of enterprises: successful outcome for I.D.E.A. alliance

The thought of harmonising two competing Companies seems an unattainable goal but, precisely with the aim of consolidating and increasing the commercial strength on international markets, I.D.E.A. (Italian Decorating Equipment Alliance) rises.

That was 2015: thanks to the vision of Omso spa and Moss srl, the widest choice of printing machines in the world is now available. Both of these market leaders are located in Reggio Emilia and are committed for more than 50 years now in designing and manufacturing of printing equipment for high quality decoration on plastic packaging mainly for cosmetics, foods & beverages, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Evidence of the strength of the Alliance lies in the fact that recently I.D.E.A. has made it possible to supply a complete solution for multicolour decoration of bottles to a major Company active in the field of plastics processing industry. The printing line is composed by a Moss automatic screen printing machine, integrated by an automatic feeding system produced by Omso.

This is only the most recent outcome of the regular commercial and technical teamwork between Omso and Moss, that confirms the comprehensiveness of solutions that the two companies always wanted, spreading the best “Made in Italy” know-how and technologies all over the world.